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I thought it was just gonna be, like, the Putotyra suit punching the air or something, I forgot that since Shu sings it they would actually have. Y’know. Him singing.

How did I not know this existed before???

yes the MV of PuToTyra combo POWER to TEARER…Feat. Akira Kushida, the voice in the belt of OOO. Also, Shu sings all the combo songs, as well COMBO CHANGE which is a mix of all combo songs


So I was at soccer practice when a storm hit and I’m freezing. I’m wrapped in a blanket and watching Five Nights at Freddy’s videos.

I would not recommend watchthose at night…well, not since I’m incredibly weak to horror games (im really easy to startle, have very low patience as well and very very low endurance against silence)

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